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September 2019

Tilia FOCUS. Amsterdam 
17 & 19 September 2019

LOF-Congres Groningen
20 September 2019


October 2019

Notarial Mystery
9 October 2019

Recruitmentdinner JFAS
10 October 2019

Sirius Playground 
11 October 2019

Office visit Themis & Mordenate
11 October 2019

Office visit Molengraaff Dispuut
24 October 2019

Recruitmentdinner QBDBD
31 October 2019


November 2019

Office visit JFAS
1 November 2019

Masterclass Toga aan de Maas
8 November 2019

Tax Inhouseday
8 November 2019

Office visit Ad Informandum
15 November 2019

Masterchef Pecunia Non Olet
15 November 2019

Recruitmentdinner Themis 
21 November 2019

Notarial Day
27 November 2019

Office visit Nereus Business Week
29 November 2019




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