Our practice
knows no boundaries.
Why should you?

Doing the right thing

When you work at De Brauw, you will grow. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you work within the firm. Our commitment to you is that you will learn more than you thought possible and that you will be challenged to reach new, unimaginable heights.

There’s doing things right and then there’s doing the right thing. Lots of firms do things right. Meet the brief, file on time, tick the boxes. We do too. But we’re big believers in going the extra mile. So, when it comes to the work that we’re proudest of—the cases that we talk about at home—it’s the matters that require something more. Digging deeper, looking further, trying harder, thinking bigger. If you’re the kind of person who often thinks good isn’t good enough, well, you’ve come to the right place.

Be the difference

De Brauw is an independent law firm with a global reach, headquartered in the Netherlands. Clients choose us when:

It’s complicated

Big deals and complicated transactions require strategic minds and strong, multidisciplinary teams.

Business is critical

We put business in a legal context, not the other way around. Our associates take the long view and know how to collaborate—across all disciplines, with other law firms, and with in-house experts and legal counsel.

They’re going global

Our approach is holistic, interdependent, and interconnected.

Relationships matter

We put the client in the centre of everything that we do, every decision that we make, which is why we have enduring relationships with many large multinationals.

Integrity is everything

We believe: do what is right, not what is easy. We don’t cut corners and our quest for excellence is uncompromising. We stay true to our values and when we make a promise, we keep it.

Flexibility is required

Our clients have the freedom and flexibility to choose the fee structure that suits their business. The FlexPool—a group of experienced lawyers that we work with on a regular basis—is available to support client projects on an ad hoc basis and at reduced rates.

Everything it takes

We have expertise in more than 30 practice areas. Our core competences are Corporate, Litigation, and Regulatory.


We provide services to a broad spectrum of multinational clients and financial institutions in a range of corporate and commercial matters. In addition to our top-flight experience in mergers and acquisitions, we also have expertise in private equity, corporate structures, and reorganisations.


We are the undisputed market leader in litigation and arbitration in the Netherlands—in both national and international arenas—representing many blue chip clients. We maintain a strong focus on dispute and risk management and our firm’s litigation practice remains unrivalled in terms of breadth, depth, size, and number of high profile cases.


Our Regulatory and Criminal Enforcement group advises and represents major corporations, financial institutions, and prominent individuals in a wide range of regulatory and criminal enforcement matters regarding securities law, insider trading, competition law, economic sanctions, anti-corruption law, and other regulatory regimes.

Going global

The world is our playground. In addition to our headquarters in Amsterdam, we have offices in Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Shanghai and Singapore. Our alliance with Best Friends—a network of independent European law firms —means we can draw on local expertise as and when required. Members are all renowned firms and market leaders in their jurisdictions: Slaughter and May (UK), Bredin Prat (France), Bonelli Erede (Italy), Hengeler Mueller (Germany), and Uría Menéndez (Spain).

Shattering expectations

Brauwerij / Brewery

When you start at De Brauw as junior associate you will begin in either the De Brauwerij, if you're a Dutch student, or The Brewery, if you are an international student. During these six-month tracks you will focus on developing your legal skills with the goal of becoming a T-shaped lawyer.

Practice Group Training

After the Brauwerij/Brewery track, you will work in both our Corporate and Litigation practice groups for two successive nine-month rotations.

Brauwerij 2

As a senior associate, you will participate in Brauwerij II, which focuses on people skills such as collaboration, education, and project management. All of these skills contribute to your on-going development as a T-shaped lawyer.

Brauwerij 4

Brauwerij IV gives you the chance to reflect on your goals and aspirations for the future. You will have the opportunity to ask important "why?" questions like "Do you want to become a partner?"

Young partner programme

During the Young Partner Program, you will focus on your role in the firm. Every aspect of this crash course is designed to guide you as a young partner and develop your skills as one of the owners of De Brauw. The primary focus of this program is the management of the firm and its finances.

Brauwerij 3

During Brauwerij III your training will focus on client relationships. We will also focus on the mentoring role, which is critical to becoming a successful associate at De Brauw.

it real

People profiles

  • Eveline de Waard
  • Senior Associate
  • Josse Klijnsma
  • Senior Associate
  • Heather Giannandrea
  • Counsel
  • Irina Buga
  • Senior Associate

Living our truth

We’ve thought long and hard about our values, the things we hold dear like integrity, humility, and courage. We make it our business to do more than is required and to be kinder than expected. All of this inspires the promises we make to the people who work here day in and day out. As an employer, we work hard to make sure that we give as good as we get, to make sure that the challenge is the reward. Our people tell us that because of working at De Brauw they’ve grown beyond their wildest expectations. If you join us, you will too.

Brand values

Walk with purpose

Lead by example.
Live your values.
Inspire others with your passion.

"We share a passion for law and
we all want to get the best thing
done for the client. It’s a very
open culture for all levels."

Be the difference

For our clients. Their interests
first and foremost. Service is an
honour and a privilege.

"Clients should hire us if they think
that the lawyer is going to make
the difference."

Live your truth

Success without integrity is
failure. Be the steward of your
ship. Make truth your calling.

"I don’t want people to come here
because we have a strong market
position or do interesting work,
but because they feel they can
get the best out of themselves.
The work will follow."

Practice courage

Go further than you thought
possible. Don’t be afraid to fail.
Transcend your fears. Be strong.
Innovate. Create.

"If someone wants to try something
new they’ll hear: ‘If you think it’s
a good idea, go ahead’."

Shatter Expectations

Do more than is required.
Learn and then learn more.
Surprise them with your bigness.

"You have to be curious by nature,
to think further, have a business
sense, and you really need to be
a world citizen."

Be Humble

Don’t say you’re smart, be smart.
Own up to your mistakes.
Celebrate the accomplishments
of others.

"You have to be extremely bright
but at the same time very modest.
No flashing your credentials
around here."

Be kinder than expected

To everyone, regardless
of stature or position. Always.

"If we have the impression that
someone is not very nice to
the junior associates, that person
won’t become a partner."

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